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For some people, cooking is not an easy activity because it can drain time and energy.


So it’s no wonder sometimes people will prefer the practical way by buying side dishes instead of having to cook it yourself first.


However, when the pandemic hit, this cooking activity became the most frequently done activity


Because by cooking yourself, of course, food hygiene can be more guaranteed which makes us not have to worry about exposure to the covid virus


In addition, this cooking activity is also often used as a hobby to fill time and become a tired suggestion for some people


So it is not surprising that nowadays many people are starting to learn to cook and make this activity a hobby.


This activity can also be said to be friendly to every gender because even though it is identical to women, actually cooking can be done by anyone, including men


An interesting fact about cooking activities is that although they are identical to women’s activities, the world’s top chefs are dominated by men.


Benefits of the Hobby of Cooking

In addition to the things mentioned above, cooking turns out to have many benefits, which of course will be discussed in this article


  1. Eat healthy food

Of course everyone wants to have a healthy body or body. There are several factors that make a person’s body healthy and fit. One of these factors is to consume healthy foods.


However, most people prefer to buy cooked side dishes or cooked dishes than to cook them themselves.


As we know by buying cooked food, we don’t know the basic ingredients of the dish, whether the basic ingredients are healthy for consumption or not.


Actually there is nothing wrong with buying cooked dishes. It’s just a reminder not to buy cooked food too often because we don’t know the basic ingredients of the dish.


It’s a good idea to consume food that is cooked yourself so that we can sort out healthy basic ingredients for consumption.


  1. The hobby of cooking can relieve stress

As we know that by doing activities that we like (hobbies) can eliminate all burdens and thoughts for those who do it. A small example is cooking.


With cooking activities, some people who like this activity or hobby can eliminate all the burdens that are on their minds.


In addition, smelling delicious food and comfortable to breathe can make some people calmer and can forget all burdens and thoughts for a while.


  1. Maintaining family harmony

By cooking you can establish harmony or closeness to all your family members. By cooking together or serving food that is liked by family members will be able to strengthen family relationships.


Especially if all family members can consume their favorite food and the food is the result of your own hands, surely there you will get a plus for togetherness.


  1. The hobby of cooking can increase creativity

By often cooking and deepening your cooking knowledge, you will be much more creative in choosing a menu to serve for your family or anyone who wants to eat the results of your cooking.


By often being in the kitchen and cooking you will be encouraged to cook dishes that you have never cooked at all. You can also add spices to create something different and increase the appetite of those who eat it.


In addition you can also create and discover new dishes and recipes that you have never met before, and you can also cook foods that are your trademark.


  1. Much more economical

If you often buy cooked side dishes or buy food outside the price is quite draining the contents of your wallet. With you cooking, it will be much more economical than buying ready-made food outside.


With a small fee you can already cook for all your family members. Compared to you having to pay a hefty fee to drain your wallet just for 1 portion of food.


Of course, cooking yourself will be much more economical than having to go to a restaurant for only 1 serving.


  1. Sell your cooking

Maybe some people only know that cooking only serves food for their families. In fact, if you are serious about cooking, it can be your income to bring money.


With your hobby of cooking, you can get big profits by selling cakes, cooked side dishes, or you can also open a small catering business in your home.


In addition, if you pursue and study seriously this activity does not rule out the possibility that you will become a successful and famous culinary entrepreneur.


  1. Materials for creating content

As we know that at this time social media is busy being loved by all groups, both children, teenagers, adults, and even parents are happy to open social media.


Maybe with those of you who like to create content and are active on social media, this activity can help you increase your viewers and followers on social media, of course.


This is perfect if you like these two activities, namely actively creating content on social media and cooking as a hobby.


So those are some of the benefits and advantages of cooking that you need to know. Whatever your hobby will cause something positive for the future as long as you take it seriously, diligently and don’t give up easily.


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