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‘Many people want to plant fruit trees in their gardens, but due to the limited space, many people find it difficult to do so. At present, there is a method of cultivating fruit plants using pots.


How to grow fruit plants in pots?

For those of you who live in urban areas, you can use this fruit-growing method. The method of growing fruit in pots has been in use since the 1970s when it was further developed to this day. There are many types of fruit that can be grown in pots. It can be mango, apple, durian, rambutan, longan, and many others.


Preparation of seed fruit plants in pots

In this method, seed selection is very important. This will greatly affect the success of fruit plants in your pots. There are two types of seeds you can use. The first is seeds derived from vegetative propagation such as grafting, grafting, or grafting. Both seeds come from generative propagation or by seeds. For the method of growing fruit in pots, it is better to use seeds from vegetative propagation.

There are several advantages that you get when using vegetative seeds, for example, the results of fruit production can be noted because they are the same as the parents, the probability of successful production is higher, fruit is faster and growth does not increase is high. The disadvantage of vegetative seeds is that if from seeds the roots are very strong and strong, the plant collapses easily because the roots are not strong.

The success rate of planting fruit in pots is highly dependent on the seeds used. Many people plant fruit plants in pots but produce no fruit at all because they choose the wrong seeds. Therefore, you need to choose the best seeds. Good seeds are seeds that come from productive parents, are pest and disease free, and produce fruit quickly.


Preparation of planting media

Many growing media can be used to grow fruit plants in pots. Using good growing media has a major impact on the growth and development of your plants. In the process of plant growth, they are in dire need of nutrients, water, and high nutrients. Therefore, your growing medium must be able to provide nutrients and store water required by plants. The best and most commonly used growing medium is a mixture of soil, charcoal, and compost. The composition ratio used is 1:1:1. You can also replace compost with manure. The composition is the same.

When placing the pot, it is better not to touch the ground directly. But give ground or a foot or a mat so that the drainage is maintained. It also prevents the roots from penetrating the soil. It’s easier to care for when you’re growing in bulk. Can be fitted with a tin drum or zinc base to make it easier for you to monitor the fruit plants in your pots.


The process of planting fruit seeds that have been prepared

Planting fruit plant seeds in pots is very easy. You can do the following steps:

  • First, prepare all the tools and materials you need.
  • When mixing or preparing planting substrates, make sure that there are no gravel or stones. You can sift it and then mix all the planting media until evenly distributed.
  • Prepare the pot you are going to use. It is better to use a small pot first. When the plant gets bigger you can change the pot, this is also done for plant rejuvenation, the technique of changing the pot to a larger pot is called repotting.
  • Lay the fragments of tile on the bottom of the pot, one layer is enough. Then put the coconut shell on top.
  • Then fill it with the previously mixed plant substrate. First, fill only half of it.
  • Cut off a small portion of the stems and leaves at the plant seeds. This is done to reduce evaporation.
  • Open a polybag containing plant seeds (or whatever encases the plants you just bought) and plant them right in the center of the pot. Cover again with planting medium to the base of the stem.
  • Compact the planting medium slightly, making sure the plant seeds are firmly supported. Rinse a little with water to make it moist.
  • First put fruit plants in pots in a shady place. Water regularly in the morning and evening. Just put the plant outside after a week.
  • Please repeat this and do this with other plants that you want to grow in pots.


Maintenance and care of fruit plants in pots

There are several stages of maintenance and care of fruit plants in pots that you must complete.

Water supply

Plants need water for various processes in it. So watering is very important. Fruit plants in pots must be placed in an open place with direct sunlight after a planting period of 1 week. This will aid in the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis also requires a lot of water.

You can water 2 times a day, in the morning and the evening. During the rainy season, you can water depending on the conditions. If the soil looks dry, you can water it. You can cast with a Gembor to make it easier.

If you grow potted fruit plants in large quantities. You can water with an irrigation system. With an irrigation system, you become more efficient in the water, and energy, and very easy to do. But in fact, you need quite a lot of money in the beginning. With drip irrigation technology, the automatic irrigation is set every day and also occurs automatically. This technique is usually found in orchards in large pots.



The next stage is pruning. There are three types of circumcision processes. First production cut, topiary, and makeover cut.

Production pruning serves to improve the production function of plants. This cut is made on the water shoots. This will help stimulate flower growth, which will speed up the fertilization process. Pruning is also performed on the stems affected by diseases or pests.

Next, the shape is trimmed. This cut is performed most often. The topiary aims to adjust the shape of the plant so that it has easy exposure to sunlight and also forms a new canopy. You can apply fruit plant shape theory in 1-3-9 pots. This means that in a primary staff there must be 3 secondary staff. There must be 3 tertiary stems in 1 secondary stem. When pruning stems, you should choose unhealthy stems. This allows healthy and strong stems to grow.

For rejuvenation pruning, it is performed on old plants. Old plants need to be replaced with pots and planting media. Meanwhile, you need to shorten the stems a bit. So that only the primary trunk remains.



Media for growing fruit plants in pots has limited nutrients. While plants need a lot of nutrients. Therefore, fertilization is very important. The first fertilizing can be done a month after planting. Another fertilization takes place every 3 to 4 months. You can use organic fertilizer. Such as manure, compost, or liquid organic fertilizer (POC). Organic fertilizers contain nutrients that are more complete and safer for growth than using chemical fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers can also increase and stimulate biological growth in plant media so that plant growth is more effective. Chemical fertilizer application can be done at specific times. For example, to stimulate flowering or fertilization. The process requires several chemical elements such as K and P. In addition, nutrients such as Mn, Ca, Fe, and others are also required. Chemical fertilizer applications must use the right size.


Eradication of pests and diseases

When cultivating fruit plants in a pot, we cannot avoid pests and diseases alone. Pest and disease control should be done as early as possible. Even when choosing plant seeds, you need to choose seeds that are free from pests and diseases. Good seed is more resistant to pests and diseases.

To prevent plants from being attacked by pests and diseases, you can keep the garden and the planting media you use clean. You need to clear the weeds around the planting medium. Weeds can disrupt the growth process of your plant.

If your plants are already exposed to pests and diseases. You must eliminate it immediately. If the pest is a caterpillar, you can remove it or cut off the affected leaves or stems. When there are too many pests and diseases. You can eradicate it with pesticides, the type of pesticide used depends on the type of pest that is attacking.

The type of pesticide is better by using safer organic pesticides. If the plant bears fruit, cover the fruit with protective netting or plastic. This is done to avoid pests or use pheromone hormones useful for catching fruit flies.


Replacement of planting and potting media

The container is the most important part when planting fruit plants in pots. Too small a container size can result in plants not growing optimally, so plants that have grown must be transplanted into pots of appropriate size.

The container is the most important part when planting fruit plants in pots. Too small a container size can result in plants not growing optimally, so plants that have grown must be transplanted into pots of appropriate size.

Replacement of planting media and pots should be done regularly. As the plant grows larger, you will need to replace the pot with the correct size. So that it can properly support the movement of fruit plants. This pot replacement must also use a new planting medium. When moving, you should also perform a rejuvenation pruning.

You have to cut the roots. Too many roots will make the growing medium too dense. In addition, you should also trim the stems and leaves to reduce evaporation.

Those are some things you should do for cultivating or growing fruit plants using pots. There are many types of plants that you can use. There are rambutan, durian, mango, longan and many others. The most important thing in potted fruit plants is the selection of superior seeds and proper care


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