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Oyster mushrooms are mushrooms that grow wild and are safe to eat. This mushroom has become quite a popular everyday food. This mushroom can also be grown for sale or personal use.

Oyster mushrooms provide fiber, beta-glucan, and other health-promoting ingredients. They have a delicate flavor and can be used to add flavor to a variety of savory dishes.

If you want to start learning how to grow mushrooms, go for it, and don’t be afraid to fail. How to grow oyster mushrooms for beginners:

  1. Choose good seeds

The first way to grow oyster mushrooms is to choose good mushroom seeds. Mushroom seed selection is very important in your experiment as it will also determine the ease with which the oyster mushrooms will grow.


  1. Prepare the joint

Lumbung or mushroom house is a place to take care of planting media and growing mushrooms. Lumbung is usually a building or room filled with shelves for placing planting media. This room must be able to maintain temperature and humidity.


Lumbung is usually made from bamboo or wood. The walls of the lumbung can be made of planks. For the roof, you can use tiles. It is advisable not to use asbestos or tin roofs as they generate heat. While earth is still used on the bottom to allow the water used to rinse the mushrooms to soak in.


Inside, the Kumbung features a shelf in the form of a terraced trellis. The shelf is used to organize planting media. Shelf frames can be made of bamboo or wood. The position of shelves is arranged in a row and the shelves are separated by aisles for maintenance.


The recommended kumbung size should not be less than 40 cm. Shelves can be made only in 2-3 levels. The width of the shelf is 40 cm and the length of each segment of the shelf is 1 meter. Each segment of a shelf this size can store 70-80 potting media. The number of shelves themselves is adjusted to the number of plant substrates to be cultivated.


Before you put the planting medium in the kumbung, you need to consider a few things: First, you have to clear the kumbung and the shelves from dirt.

Second, lime and spray the inside of the kumbung with fungicide. Must be left for 2 days before inserting the growing medium into the kumbung.

Finally, when the smell is gone, you can enter the ready-to-grow potting medium. Where the entire surface is covered with white fibers.


  1. Preparation of planting media

The planting medium consists of setting oyster mushroom seeds. Since oyster mushrooms are woody mushrooms, the main components of the growing media are rice bran, grajen (sawdust), and lime. All of these ingredients must be mixed well and water added to about 60% of the weight of the medium.


The growing medium is wrapped in cylindrical plastic with a hole in one end. The oyster mushroom grows out of this hole.


When growing oyster mushrooms on a large scale, mushroom growers usually make their growth media. But for beginners, the planting media are usually purchased from other parties. So farmers can focus on running just one grow operation without having to make their growing media.


  1. Care of planting media

There are two ways to arrange planting media on shelves, namely vertically and horizontally. Set it up vertically where the growing medium hole faces up while the growing medium hole faces horizontally to the side.


Both methods of growing oyster mushrooms have their respective advantages. When placed horizontally, it is safer from water splashes. Because if you water too much, water will not penetrate the planting medium.


In addition, the harvest should be easier. However, this horizontal arrangement takes up more space.


How to cultivate oyster mushrooms and their care:


Before arranging the planting media, first, open the ring and paper covering the planting media. Then leave it for about 5 days. If the soil is soil, water it to add moisture.

After that, cut off the ends of the planting medium to create more room to grow. Leave for 3 days and do not water. Just flush on the floor.

Water with a sprayer. Watering should form a mist, not water droplets. The more perfect the fogging, the better. Depending on the temperature and humidity of the kumbung, you can water it 2 to 3 times a day. You still need to keep the temperature in the 16-24 degree Celsius range.


  1. Harvest oyster mushrooms

If the growing medium used has a surface perfectly covered with mycelium, the fungus will usually grow within 1-2 weeks after opening the growing medium cover and can be harvested. Mushroom-growing substrates can be harvested 5-8 times if the treatment is good.


Plant substrates with a weight of about 1 kg produce up to 0.7 – 0.8 kg of mushrooms. After that, the planting medium is discarded or can be used as compost material. This harvest is done on flowered and enlarged mushrooms. Exactly when the edges have tapered. But the hood is not broken, the color is still pure white.


If the harvest time is more than half a day, the color may become slightly brownish-yellow and the hood may crack. If so, the mushrooms will quickly wither and will not last long. The interval from the first harvest to the next harvest is 2-3 weeks. How to grow mushrooms that you can make yourself at home.


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