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It’s not easy to make a best-selling novel because it takes hard work and effort. Any author of a book can hope that his work will please many people and become a bestseller and be reprinted many times, because that is a dream.

However, not all books can easily climb the bestseller ladder and sell well in the market. In fact, the publisher cannot predict exactly how to make a bestseller 100%. The answer is simple because the market is unique and dynamic.

Although market estimates are hard to guess and hard to determine whether or not your novel may become a bestseller, there is at least one way to make a bestselling novel. At least the novel you make is not carefree and has its own charm (unique value) for the reader.

Perhaps some of you are curious and interested in becoming a good novelist. Here are tips on how to write a bestselling novel.


What is a bestseller

What is a bestseller? It turns out that making a book or a novel a bestseller isn’t easy. A book is included in the Best Sellers category if it is popular in book sales or if the book is the best selling book in a given period. In fact, making a best-selling book isn’t as easy as writing the book itself.

So don’t be surprised if many novice authors, even experienced authors, also want their books to be listed as best sellers. Because that is the dream and dream of all writers.

Of course, they are also happy with the publisher if their published book can be included in the bestseller list. From a revenue and earnings perspective, the author also receives many royalties from the sales of the book.

Unfortunately, even now there are systems that dare to buy their own first edition books (each first edition is 1000 copies). It turned out that this method was able to put it on the bestseller list. Of course you need a lot of money to be able to buy 1000 copies.

Of course, apart from this fraudulent act, it is an unethically illegal method as it has been rigged. Meanwhile, if you follow the rules of the game objectively, only 5% of book publishers can achieve the title of bestseller. Of course, this is a very rare number and a challenging achievement for authors and publishers alike.

In fact, we all know that many bookstores are now closing. There are also many publishers whose prestige is waning. I mostly hear that many want to be a writer with the assumption that you can get rich by being a writer, especially Indonesians’ literacy awareness is second from the bottom. The reality? Lots of writers who just need a fight to eat.

That’s why I always press, fix the intention. Because competition in the world of literacy isn’t as pretty as the imagination, and it’s not as pretty as our view of great writers. In fact, there are writers who earn enough or even more. But what they get isn’t just a year or two process. Not just writing a book or five, but more.

Set your intentions and track writing activities as exploration. Don’t focus on the amount of money. But focus on the quality of the message, content and plot that the novel offers. The quality of the novel is good, without asking us it will become a bestseller.

And once you’ve climbed the bestseller ladder, don’t be proud. It could be due to the luck factor which should be well grateful. Because there are many super cool novels that don’t make it onto the bestseller shelves.


How to make a bestselling novel

After learning the understanding and intrigue of how to make a best-selling novel. I hope that aspiring newbie writers will be more critical and wiser. Being a writer is also natural selection. In addition to preparing the mentality, there is also a need to expand knowledge, strategies and enrich knowledge.

Sometimes even people gifted at writing novels can fall in the midst of competition. While there are those who believe they are not talented but have the determination to be a winner. Well, one of the most important efforts to guard against natural selection is knowing how to make a best-selling novel. Curious? Check out the reviews and steps below immediately.


  1. Detailed and thorough research

Do thorough research and get the details as well. Some may think, “Ah, just writing novels. This isn’t research. no research needed!”

Who would have thought that thanks to the author’s thorough research, almost all bestselling novels are well-written and emotional, especially for his potential target readers. In fact, the research conducted is not scientific in nature. But what is written has a basis.

Novels that are written because of real cases and then processed that way. And then in harmony with the imagination and imagination of the author. Then an extraordinary masterpiece is born.

If you watch novels from abroad. Name it Dan Born, Harry Potter and other great writers. It is an impression and a sense of wonder for the reader to read their work. This impression or impression is able to offer its own value and uniqueness.


  1. Coming trend

To make a best-selling novel, they say, you must be able to read and follow rising trends. Meanwhile, according to my personal observations, no guarantee. In fact, works that differ from the general discussion can still become bestsellers.

A simple example from Andrea Hirata’s Laskar Pelangi trilogy. Who knew a novel about friendship and chasing dreams would explode? Though there were a lot of romance novels back then too.

Based on the novel by Andrea Hirata’s trilogy, many works have attempted to follow similar themes. The result can be a bestseller? The answer is mediocre. Remember the wise message, if we just follow the general idea, we only become people in general.


  1. Details of Characters

How to make a bestselling novel that you need to pay attention to is to write each novel in detail. The author’s ability to describe in detail helps the reader to really feel and visualize what the author is trying to convey.

First, make sure you understand the difference between characters and characterizations so you can write interesting character details.

An imprecise and half-hearted explanation naturally also has an effect on the reader’s impression. There are several items that can be detailed, including the following.


  • Physical Details

For the context is in the form of a novel, conveyed through the written language and rarely having visual characters. Therefore, the author must provide a detailed description of the physical characters in the characters. For example, describing the character’s height, grooming, skin type, hair, clothing style, and physical characteristics.


  • View on life

The writer must also detail the character’s view of life. The feature of writing detailed views of life helps readers see the character and desires of the character. Also, when they clash with other characters in the novel, the reader immediately understands that there is an advantage or control over one character over another.


  • Favorite

In addition to explaining the attitude towards life in detail, it is also important to explain in detail the likes and dislikes of the characters in the story. It may not always be delivered directly. The author can convey in a more interesting style.


  1. Do you have critics and editors

The fourth way of doing a novel is the importance that the author has his own editor to proofread the novel before it is submitted to the publisher. If you don’t have enough money to pay for a personal editor, you can choose a friend or family member with thorough reading as your novel critic.

If something needs revision, it can be revised first before it is submitted to the publisher. Since many book publishers have a strict selection. A small error in the script can serve as an excuse to reject your novel. It’s important to check first.


  1. Delete target reader

The fifth tip: Before you write a novel, make sure you define a clear target audience. Make sure the novel is for college students, for the general public, or for young people who are still out of high school. Or maybe it’s for everyone.

The importance of determining your audience will have a major impact in helping your novel become a bestseller. However, there are no guarantees. Because the man, in turn, that the market is dynamic and nobody can predict market tastes with certainty.


  1. Interesting plot

The path to the sixth best-selling novel is to make an interesting plot. Plot is an element that should not be ignored. Make sure the novel uses a plot that isn’t easy for the reader to guess.

Readers are more challenged and interested in the kind of novels that aren’t easily predictable. So writers need art to set the atmosphere and the ability to convey mystery and enigma.

An interesting plot will engage the reader. Readers can read for hours without realizing it. The reader feels immersed in the story. Of course, writing a novel like this isn’t easy, and it takes practice and a process.


  1. Marketing Management

The last way to do a novel is marketing management. Well, in fact, there are multiple paths to publishing a book. There are books that are marketed by the author himself. Whereby the author has to manage his own marketing in such a way that the distribution of the book sales gets evenly into the hands of the readers.

Well, novelists usually market their own books using an independent book publishing system or self-publishing. There is also a major book release where the author leaves everything (printing, publishing, marketing) to the publisher. Of course, the author will not delve into his own sales or marketing management.

Of course, any book printing at a major publisher with an indie publisher has its own pros and cons. You can read the previous article.


Those are some ways to make a bestselling novel that you can try. Apart from the desire to be able to publish a bestseller. Don’t forget to include intent so the novel can inspire and inspire readers. So that readers receive knowledge and benefits.

When readers benefit from your book, you’re not just selling the book. But also sharing the goodness that God knows as alms to take home. Hopefully some helpful testimonials. I hope your novel becomes a bestseller of the book.


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