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Novel sketches have many benefits for creating novels. It not only helps to make the novel more systematic but also makes it easier for the authors to finish the manuscript on time.

For those of you interested in becoming a novelist. need to know what a novel sketch is and how to create a novel sketch. You can find the answer here. Because with a good novel outline, the potential for a quick conclusion is greater and the writing is greater too.


Novel frame

The framework of the novel is more familiar with the design. Where this design can later be used to help the writing process. The writing design includes an outline and basic points or ideas arranged systematically to help write down ideas in a systematic and detailed manner.


How do I create a novel sketch?

Do you want to be a novelist? but always having trouble writing it down? And always have a desire? One solution you can do is to create a novel outline. The existence of a novel framework has a purpose.

One of them serves to focus the discussion of the novel so that it does not spread everywhere during the process of conveying ideas and ideas. As for the benefits of the outline, it helps in putting the novel together in a more systematic way.

Of course, there are many other advantages of novel frameworks. Aside from all the benefits of a novel outline, here are a few ways to create a novel outline that you can try.


  1. Create new characters

As one creates a novel outline, one can begin with the creation of a novel character. Creating novel characters is the most important element that can affect the final quality of your novel. Novels made without any character will feel duller.

Well maybe if you have read a novel and feel sleepy and close the book immediately, it could be because the character of the novel is not strong. Oh yes, it turns out the problem of character writing novels falls into two main focuses as follows.


-character character

The characters have already been mentioned in the paragraph above. Maybe some of you don’t know what the characters of the novel are.

There are so-called protagonists (good characters), antagonists (evil characters), tritagonists (middle characters), skeptics (enemies of the protagonist), sidekicks (supporting characters of the protagonist), and many more that we already covered in “Types of Characters Figure”

Oh yes, from any of the above characters or characters, it can be broken down into more and more characters. For example, the protagonist can be developed into a character who loves to help, a character who helps abandoned animals so that he becomes an inspiration and helps almost extinct animals and many more that can be developed into even more interesting characters.


-Write characters/language

In addition to characters, there are also so-called characters or language. Well, the character of this writing can be wrapped in humorous writing, serious, or whatever is more flexible.

Generally written based on each author’s character. Of course, experienced novelists have found their character and style in writing. If you’re feeling like a beginner, are you still confused about what kind of character you’re writing?

Calm down because finding your character in writing takes a process and hours of flying. You don’t need to search. Because in time you will find the soul.


  1. New topic

When creating a novel outline, you also need to look at the subject of the novel you want to raise. Raise the theme of the evergreen novel, where the theme will last for several years.

Avoid choosing a monumental topic. Because the monumental theme can only be read freshly if the moment lasts, and the time limit is relatively short. The themes of novels that are evergreen have become the most popular and timeless themes.

For example the topic of love. From before the reform to the present day, novels with romantic elements are always interesting to discuss. It’s just that there are now many novels out there that deal with romance that’s flat and boring. So that it only becomes a collection in the publisher’s warehouse, because many books are returned.

  1. Think about the end

Hey, who always finds it difficult to write a novel to finish the story? Looks like you’re not the only one feeling this way. Many cases are similar where it is difficult to complete the story. On average, many still have trouble making up their minds about the ending.

There are many considerations and reasons why determining the ending of the story is confusing. It is the ending of the story that determines the reader’s excitement. If the discussion is interesting from the beginning to the end of the novel. A hanging and an expressive ending are more recommended, as this encourages the reader to continue the story.

So you have the opportunity to continue the story of the novel. unless from the start the delivered novel didn’t make an impression, regardless of the shape of the ending they still wouldn’t like it.


  1. Arrange plot and chapters

It is undeniable that writing a novel is not easy. Don’t just write in bulk. But it also requires data and a high level of imagination to be able to work out between one idea and another to become a perfect literary work.

One of the benefits of compiling the plot and chapter content is helping the author coordinate ideas so they don’t spread everywhere. Minimize the occurrence of ideas or ideas that are overlooked or scattered due to forgetfulness. In terms of outcomes, writing becomes more purposeful, systematic, and focused. Of course, the process of writing a novel is completed faster.


  1. Define story conflicts

How one frames the fifth novel must determine the conflict of the story. Conflicts in the novel are like spices in cooking. Dishes that are processed without any spices taste bland and not tasty, right?

The same goes for writing novels. The condiment in writing a novel that God must have is conflict or trouble. Well, here the author needs the art of arranging problems in an orderly and structured manner.

This conflict in the novel causes the reader to drift into the story or wash away the novel because it’s boring. Well, this is where the skill of the writer is at stake.


  1. Determining the title of the novel

No less important point is the determination of the title of the novel. Determining the title of the novel is also the problem with the most complaints. Even though it’s only a novel title, it has a big role and function.

An attractive title decides whether a product is ready for the market. On the other hand, a mediocre title naturally has little impact on the book’s considerable sales power. Well, for those of you who are curious about how to create a novel title, you can read the previous article How to create a different novel title


  1. Prepare vocabulary

How to draft a novel is not enough. A novelist must also prepare a good vocabulary. Even if it’s just a matter of choice of language, diction, or vocabulary, it turns out to have enough of an impact to shape the novel.

Perhaps some of you are still struggling to make good vocabulary choices. Then you can use the science of figurative language, you can read reviews about figurative language in the figurative language collection.


  1. Writing

A novel sketch never becomes a novel if it is never written down. Writing is an action. Ideas and ideas make up only 1%, while 99% are will and action.

No matter how good your skills, and abilities are, and no matter how good your ideas are when stop limiting yourself to ideas and novel frameworks. So the novel remains just that. On the other hand, no matter how bad the idea and framework of the novel are, as long as the author has the urge to make it a novel, it will remain a novel.

Indeed, completing the framework of the novel is not an easy matter. Requires a lot of effort. It requires commitment and self-discipline. Because these three things are the main weapons to fight against natural selection.


  1. Publish books

The last step is a sign of your victory, which is already in progress and can end the novel. When the novel is complete from start to finish, it enters the process of publishing a book. Well, here you have to offer your novel to a publisher.

When it comes to publishing, there are two types of publishers. There are big publishers and there are indie publishers (self-publishing). The difference is that manuscripts going to major publishers have to go through a rigorous selection process and take anywhere from 4 months to 1 year. Printing and marketing costs are free if you choose the book. The author receives only a 10% revenue share. Unfortunately, it’s fraught with struggles to break through to the big publishers.

What is meant by the indie publisher does not require script selection. Regardless of the form of your manuscript, it will be edited directly by the publisher. It is much more effective and efficient in terms of time. The profit you get can be made higher.


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