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Are you thinking of a hobby you would like to pursue? Speaking of hobbies, there are many hobbies that you can pursue. Even if it’s just a hobby, turns out a hobby isn’t just about looking cool. But it also offers advantages.

Maybe you’re just exploring some kind of hobby that’s useful and cool. Well here are some cool hobbies for you to enjoy.

  1. Sports

A useful leisure activity that you can pursue is a sport. There are many types of this sport. You can choose the sport according to your mood. Starting with ball sports, badminton, running, and gymnastics.

Types of sporting hobbies also offer many benefits to keeping busy. Proceeding from the health benefits of the body, it can also be used as a competitive arena. Not half-heartedly, you can take part in competitions up to the national level, even many that follow up to the international level.

Of course, this sporting hobby also allows you to travel abroad. If you achieve achievements during the championship game and carry the good name of Indonesia to the international championship arena. As? This kind of sports hobby is cool, isn’t it?

  1. Photography

Photography is also a hobby that is no less cool in today’s digital age. How cool if you can produce aesthetic and interesting photos here. Even if it’s just a piece of cake, don’t take it lightly.

It turns out that there is money to be made from the hobby of photography. You can fund your own life. even support your family. This is how you can commercialize your photos. Or you can also open a wedding photo service or sell photos on Shutterstock or something similar.

So the kind of photography hobby is not just about satisfying and channeling your art while taking photos. But also useful and certainly very popular with your friends. because they are happy when you take the object of photo exploration.

  1. Fishing

The hobby that most men enjoy is fishing. Fishing is a hobby that also produces a lot of fish, when in fact it can produce a lot of fish. It’s pretty good to be able to sell and you can generate income from it.

Unfortunately, many fish, but only halfway. The fishing context is just a gathering of friends. They rarely bring fish home because they don’t get fish. Fish right. Don’t make fishing a hobby that rarely gets you home.

Especially those who are married. Working lazily and leaving the main obligation as head of household to fishing. Since fishing rarely comes home, the wife is forced to replace her husband’s role. Well, avoid these things. because autumn is not good.

On the other hand, if the fish catch is based on a reasonable portion. Fishing at the right time, and the goal is also good for a family, so fishing brings benefits. The point is, that it depends on each individual’s intentions. If the good intentions are good, if the intentions are just “lazy” and avoiding life, then the results will not be good either.

  1. Social Activities

If you enjoy engaging in social activities, it turns out that this activity is a kind of hobby that you can pursue. Although it requires a lot of capital to carry out this activity. But in terms of benefit to others, it is very useful.

There are many ways you can engage in this type and form of social activity. In times of digitization, you may have seen a website that invites you to donate to people who cannot afford it, right? Well, so you can follow.

There are other forms of social activity as well. Have you heard of Doctor share before? This social activity concerns doctors who want to serve the community in remote villages. They treat underprivileged people in remote areas on the ship.

Well, for those of you who have various hobbies like nursing and medicine, participating in this social activity is very good. In addition to gaining experience, you will make discoveries, and of course, the blessings of charities or good activities will soothe your heart.

So if you have a social hobby. Even though you know you’re not getting paid. keep doing it Because God will also have many ways to give money in other ways to stay alive and peaceful. Live your hobby as long as it benefits and benefits many people.

Another example is the establishment of a literacy park for children. Well, you can read about the school literacy program here.


  1. Play music

If you have the talent and skills to make music, you can still pursue this type of hobby. why? Who knows, these skills will make you want to become a musician or a singer.

I’ve come across many cases while writing profiles of high-performing kids. For most of those who are now prosperous, it is thanks to the awareness of parents who accompany and support children so that they continue to pursue the hobby that pleases them.

There are those from 5 years old, children showed talent. The child’s parents recognized him and gave him a used musical instrument. And put it in music lessons. As a result, he has now received many offers and has performed in various cities.

  1. Dancing and singing

As for the kind of cool hobbies. Yes, the hobby of dancing and singing is no longer underestimated. Many who pursue both of these hobbies become talented artists.

In addition, Indonesia has many cultures. Where each region has a variety of dance arts. Interestingly, these traditional dances are in demand by outsiders. So it’s not surprising that a few years ago when I reported on Jogja students excelling in dance and song, I had the opportunity to go international.

The dances they perform there are not just K-pop dances that are popular today. Instead, local dances from Sabang to Merauke. Well, for the full story you can see it here as well. if you feel that you cannot go international with regional dance skills.

Then you can use the existing technology. You must know Tik Tok, right? You can dance on the TikTok application and use applications like Smule, and Wesing to explore your singing skills. If you use social media properly, you will still feel the benefits.

  1. Read books

Another useful hobby is reading books. There are many benefits that you will get from reading books. First, of course, you get a new experience and you can explore many things for free. Secondly, in terms of cognitive ability, you are better because you have been stimulated and exercised by the material you are reading.

Third, reading books is also useful for opening horizons of knowledge. At least from here you will have many viewpoints and become a wiser person. Because good knowledge makes one more polite and humble in attitude or thinking.

Fourth, you also get more vocabulary. To help you be more organized and knowledgeable every time you write or speak in public. It turns out that being able to speak well is not easy. because vocabulary is the key determinant.

  1. Writing

Writing is also a kind of fun hobby. Well, this is a hobby that I think has many benefits. Psychologically, writing can be used as a means of catharsis. So it helps us to be more detached, free, and less burdensome.

Did you know that this cathartic method is also often used for the healing process of people with mental illnesses? The catharsis itself happens not only through writing but also through painting.

Thanks to the pursuit and development of a hobby of writing, I feel a lot of benefits. For example, I had the opportunity to become a journalist. From there I met inspiring people and great people.

Another advantage, is I don’t have to go to the office to get money because I can make the time more dense and useful. Enough to write 5 hours at home and produce several articles. I can use the rest of the time for other hobbies to make life more productive.

If you already have a complete and good manuscript, you can publish it at Bukunesia Publisher, you know. There are publishing services for influencers, print-on-demand publishing, and also for general publishing.

These are some types of hobbies that you can pursue. Who knows, that very hobby you’re pursuing will lead you to make money to survive. Hope this little review is useful.


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