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Have you ever heard the saying: “Today has to be better than yesterday”? The proverb does not talk about the weather yesterday and today but about yourself now and then. Well, from this proverb, there is also a life lesson about self-improvement. What is self-improvement, and how do you do it? Come on, find out the answer in the following review.


What is self-improvement?


Some of you may understand this term but need help explaining it in words. In simple terms, self-improvement can be interpreted as self-improvement.

The full version, Self Improvement is an attempt to improve the quality and quantity of yourself to become a better person. It can include developing talent and potential in realizing dreams, enhancing the quality of life and health, and increasing self-esteem and identity.

Self-improvement is applied not only to an individual but also to the organization’s human resources.


The importance of self-improvement in yourself


There are many reasons why self-improvement is essential to your life.

First, self-improvement can increase self-confidence. It is because you are faced with good and bad things every day. With self-improvement, you are now becoming more familiar with your personality, thinking, and feeling when confronted with good or bad things.

Second, upgrading can also help you figure out what skills you have and what the limits are. It will give you a better understanding of goal setting and how to achieve them.

Third, self-improvement has a positive effect on mental health. You will stop whining about failures, stop hating yourself and learn to love yourself.

Not only yourself you will also do your best to maintain relationships with the people around you. It can directly protect you from severe stress and mental illness requiring treatment.


How do you start self-improvement?

You can improve yourself in your daily activities. Below are some small examples you can follow to become a better person than yesterday.


  1. Make an effort to sleep better


Watching movies, playing on cell phones late at night, and even staying up late can reduce the body’s rest time. The next day you will be sleepy, irritable, and eventually moody. This condition will indeed prevent you from having a good day.

If you’re already improving yourself, you’ll probably think, “Wow, I’m like this because I stayed up late yesterday. From today I have to sleep on time.”

Such thoughts arise because you already know what you are doing is wrong and realize that your body needs to stay healthy. You can improve the quality of your sleep by avoiding things that disrupt your sleep, not drinking coffee in the afternoon, and taking a warm bath before bed to relax the muscles in your body that are tense from everyday life.


  1. More sensitive to the environment


Before, maybe you were the kind of person who was ignorant. However, you will feel that this attitude needs to change after you improve. The reason is that to improve, and you need to be more sensitive to the conditions and people around you.

You will try to recognize the people around you, perhaps by saying “hello” or “good morning” when entering the office or by nodding and smiling when you meet a colleague’s eyes.

By implementing this self-improvement example, there is a chance that others will feel your presence. In addition, you will also make connections with others even if you don’t have a close relationship with them.


  1. Do good to others and yourself


Aside from becoming a kinder person, you can also improve by doing good things for those around you. Why? Doing good things for other people’s minds makes you better and happier, too, right? Apart from that, this action also signifies that you are grateful for what you have and feel.

Doing good can include many things, such as giving donations to those in need, giving preferred seats on public transport, disposing of trash in its place, donating blood, or feeding street cats.

Don’t just do good to others, do good to yourself, too. The trick is to take healthy steps to make yourself healthier and happier. You can increase your peace of mind by being more diligent in worship, improve your health by maintaining your diet, and reward yourself for the successes you achieve.


  1. Make peace with yourself and others


Everyone must have made mistakes, including you and those around you. After that, you will feel guilt, and some will feel hate.

However, you must know that living with regret, hurt, and hate for yourself and others will ultimately cost you.

It makes it easier for you to think badly, and your mood also deteriorates. According to the University of Minnesota-maintained website, this can cause stress, weaken your immune system, and increase your risk of chronic disease.

With self-improvement, you will not remain silent and sink into regret. You will stand up and try to make peace with yourself and others who have let you down. When you let go of all that pressure, you can move forward.


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