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5 secrets of successful personal branding for authors

Personal branding for authors is important. There are many benefits of personal branding for writers, including a writing project, an offer to attend an event, or writing training, and your writing will also have greater reach and breadth.

Maybe some of you are new to personal branding for writers. Calm down, we are going to thoroughly examine the meaning and importance of personal branding and what personal branding tips look like. see the following review.

Understand personal branding for writers

Personal Branding Personal branding can be interpreted as someone’s attempt to control themselves to do the things they want to be perceived to do. In this case, if the context is to be a writer, then the constructed image emphasizes the author.

Personal branding can also be interpreted as an attempt to build a person’s/public’s perception of us. If you’re a writer looking to make a mark, you can build people’s perceptions through the behavior, attitudes, and content of our posts. It is very important to regulate what we want to show because what we show influences the judgment of others against us.

This is why, for those of you who aspire to be a writer, personal writer branding is very important. Several important roles will be discussed in the following sub-chapters.

The importance of personal branding

Whether we realize it or not, building a personal brand for writers is important. Why is it important? because you get some of the following benefits.

  1. Can be used to influence the judgment of others

Personal branding for authors is indirect as a form of our efforts to influence the judgment of others. Other people will judge us by what we present. Especially in the age of technology and social media, it is a place to share news and messages freely.

Simply put, the use of social media can be used as a means of influencing the judgment of others. When we post a hedonistic lifestyle on social media, our image can be consumerist, colloquial, and so on. Conversely, if our social media features written works, you will become known as the author.

  1. Show identity

Sometimes we don’t need to shout “who I am” to everyone. But there are times when we need to show our identity in a sensible, simple, and not over-the-top way.

Personal branding proves to be a place for authors to show identity. For example, you have a passion for writing fiction and present yourself as a fiction writer on social media along with the works you publish.

In this way, potential event organizers or other people are indirectly invited to invite you to participate in training courses or seminars. Of course, they invite based on personal branding built on social media, and this method is very effective because I have experienced it myself.

  1. Impress others

When creating personal branding for authors, this should not be done haphazardly. Do it elegantly and stylishly. Why? Because we’re talking about psychology, how to make an impression on others through posts that appear on social media.

  1. Build image

When we talk about building a personal brand image, it’s not always positive. So there are two effects of building personal branding.

Positive Effect

If personal branding for authors is done correctly, elegantly, and qualitatively, then the impact (perception built-in society) will also be positive. For example, people are inspired, excited, and remembered by your posts.

Negative effects

The opposite of a positive effect. If you over-image yourself and don’t know the ethics and etiquette of social media, the downfall will lead to negative judgments and public perceptions.

  1. Build trust

At first, you may still doubt whether you can become a brand author or not. But little by little, the branding proposals that we form will enter us to become more confident people.

  1. Strengthen connections

The experience I have in building personal branding for writers is that I get new connections. where it is this connection that extends the reach and adds experiences and insights into the world.

  1. Build credibility

The importance of personal branding for the latter author is to build credibility. Although it looks easy, getting to this point is not easy.

Of the above seven benefits of the importance of personal branding for the author, it needs to be built for a long time. I’ve been building my branding as a writer since 2010, it’s only after about 4 years that I’ve experienced just the seven benefits above. From this, it can be concluded that the effect of personal branding is not felt immediately, but lasts for a long time. To put it simply, personal branding is an investment of time that we will only reap in the coming years.

Personal branding tips

So how do you start personal branding that suits your character? Well, here are some personal branding tips you can try.

  1. Find the license plate

During my psychology studies, it was mentioned that humans are unique, dynamic, and diverse individuals. Even if identical twins have different sides. This difference distinguishes this person.

Likewise, if you want to be a writer. Learning the experiences of great writers is highly recommended and learning about their processes is also important to become successful writers. But remember, according to your character, stay with yourself and find your theory.

Because if we follow EXACTLY other people’s paths, then we’re just going to be GREAT people. If we can be ourselves, we can be great and inspiring people to others. Great people are born because they make their way.

  1. Create works that match the branding

Building personal branding isn’t just about posting something or yelling in front of everyone. The way we do personal branding isn’t just in the form of social media posts. But action.

The action mentioned here makes more work than posting on social media. Minimizing posts with many styles to allow the personal branding we create to reach social media users. Well, how can you be known as a writer when you have 10 posts in many styles while you only have one work?

It’s not easy, I’ve also experienced very well how to build personal branding for writers. When it comes to writing a book, not everything we write can be published by a publisher. Many books were also rejected. Nevertheless, it goes without saying. Because everything needs a learning process.

For those of you who still think being a writer is easy, this should be corrected immediately. The goal is that you don’t have too high of expectations. If you want to be a writer, you need time discipline, and the ability to work under pressure.

  1. Actively participate in writing activities

For those of you who still consider yourself a beginner, participating in writing activities is very important. At least when you participate in this type of activity, new perspectives and experiences open up. You also get friends who share the same vision of the mission, which is in the field of writing.

In the age of technology and simple things like now, there are many writing activities that you can participate in and many of them offer giveaways and freebies. Unlike my time when technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today. It was difficult to find writing activities and had to go into town as there weren’t any in my area.

  1. Expand relationships

Personal branding for the fourth author serves to build relationships. Becoming a writer also requires connections in the publishing and book realms. These relationships open up possibilities in the world of writing.

  1. Consistent

The last part, which is the hardest for a beginner, is consistency. During my time as an editor at one of the youth papers, most of them died and gave up writing because they were unable to be consistent.

These are just a few personal branding tips for writers. Oh yes, you can also create personal branding in your way. Because I trust and appreciate people who have their theories and ways of becoming writers of character that match your abilities.

This is a must-know personal branding review for writers. Hopefully, this little Bukunesia review will provide an overview and convenience for those of you who are about to start writing and are confused about how to do personal branding.

By mutaqin