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8 Effective Ways to Strengthen a Fragile Heart

Fragility can not only happen to things that are physical. Even a human heart can be fragile. An accident or tragedy, for example, can result in this. If it is our physical body that is fragile, maybe we just have to apply a nutritious and healthy diet for a period of time. But a fragile heart is clearly not easy to return to the way it used to be.

Just imagine if you are a man who has long wanted to marry the woman you like. However, the woman was called to pass away by the Almighty because of an accident. It would be a lie to say that your heart was not shaken by the incident. It’s only natural that you feel sad or even traumatized when trying to get back into a new relationship.

However, it’s not wise to let this vulnerability go unnoticed. The sadness you feel can somehow eat away at you. You could end up very depressed with a messy life. In the end the only wisest choice is to move on. Well, to help you, here are 8 ways to strengthen a fragile heart.

8 Effective Ways to Strengthen a Fragile Heart

  1. Talk to the Right People

Confidentiality is an activity to convey everything you feel and think to someone else. This activity will make your heart more relaxed. Because when you vent, some of the burden you feel will be released.

How come? Think of a human as a bottle. When something bad happens, the contents of the bottle become very negative.

When you vent, you can spit out some of the negative stuff in the bottle. So, not only will you not be so sad anymore, but you can also fill the remaining bottle space with positive energy.

However, talk to the right people. Don’t vent to people who are only good at giving criticism. Remember, your soul is in need of being heard right now. Therefore, avoid those who are childish and judgmental.

  1. Love Yourself

Some of you may have experienced heartbreak because of being hurt by loved ones. You could be a wife who has experienced domestic violence or a husband whose wife cheated on you.

Either way, they generally have the same effect: you feel inferior and vulnerable.

A wife who experiences domestic violence will lose her confidence. Meanwhile, a husband who is cheated on will experience trust issues in a relationship.

The same goes for a student who is bullied, a child whose family is broken from a broken home, to an elderly person who is neglected by his child. There are so many events that will shake your heart and soul.

Strengthening a fragile heart in this situation is definitely not easy. However, one of the most effective ways to deal with feelings of inferiority is to love yourself.

Don’t blame yourself for the mistakes of others. Don’t obsess over seeking validation from others either. Love yourself. Fill your life with fun activities. Stop caring too much about those who only hurt you.

  1. Move On

You can’t change the past, but you are the decider of your own future! So, don’t keep getting entangled with unpleasant events in the past.

Look at this world with a realistic lens. Life on earth is not heavenly life. Every human being will experience trials during his life. But the clock is ticking regardless of these trials.

Therefore, you need to learn to move on. You need to let go of the past. Thus, the people around you will not be depressed by your condition.

  1. Vacation

When your heart is very fragile, you may need an escapism. You need to live a new atmosphere with new people. Therefore, taking a vacation is quite effective advice to strengthen a fragile heart.

Take time off at your office. Or if you are still a student, take a vacation with your family when you are not attending school.

Find activities that are fun and can distract you. Pleasant moments like this will make your heart stronger because it is flooded with pleasure.

The effect may not be permanent. You will only feel happiness for a moment. But at least you’ve given yourself a little laugh.

  1. Thankful

Many people with fragile hearts tend to view things in a very pessimistic way. Just try to compare your fragile self with your strong friend.

When an accident occurs, you may immediately feel depressed and feel that the world is unfair. But look at your friends. Even though he was sad, he still expressed his gratitude.

He was grateful that the disaster did not take his soul. And he was grateful that some of his wealth could still be saved.

Gratitude is an effective mechanism when we experience unpleasant events. With this attitude, you will not only feel less sad, but also ready to face tomorrow.

  1. Avoid Toxic Environments

A toxic environment is an environment that can cause mental burden to increase. Therefore, if your heart is so fragile, stay away from this kind of environment.

For example, a family environment that likes to compare. Some of your uncles and aunts may often make fun of their unsuccessful and unmarried nephews.

Even if they are still brothers, it’s best to limit your contact with them. Because, your mental condition can be more depressed.

After all, your siblings don’t necessarily want to help in real terms. They just have their own pleasure disturbing their nephew who is considered not yet successful.

  1. Accept Criticism and Dislikes of Others

As long as you live in this world, you will experience a lot of things that might tickle your ego. Two of them are criticism and dislike from others.

You may receive criticism from teachers, parents, to superiors. And you may also receive unpleasant treatment from someone who doesn’t like you.

These things are normal. Therefore, to strengthen a fragile heart, don’t be sad just because you have experienced both.

If the criticism is good and constructive, accept it to improve yourself. As for those who hate you, there’s nothing you can do.

You can’t force other people’s feelings. You also don’t have to bother getting the person to like you, right?

Leave those who don’t like you. Just focus on the people who genuinely love you.

  1. Consult a Psychologist

Sometimes, the problem you’re having is a really weird one. So you need help from experts such as psychologists.

In society, visiting a psychologist is still often considered taboo. In fact, in modern times like today, that thought has become obsolete. So if you need professional help, don’t hesitate to go to a psychologist.


A fragile heart can cause you a lot of harm. You will continue to be sad, easily swayed by feelings, and may make the wrong decisions.

Therefore, do not ignore this. Do some things to strengthen the fragile heart.

Follow the eight ways above. Even though it’s difficult, your efforts are more or less sure to heal the hurting heart.

By mutaqin