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How to grow ginger

Sep 2, 2022
How to grow ginger

Ginger is one of the spices that thrive in Indonesia. Ginger is not only a spice for cooking, especially in meat processing, but also can be a medicine that has properties for the body. This ginger can be used as an herbal drink to treat various health problems like colds and coughs.

Great opportunity for ginger cultivation in Indonesia

Ginger can thrive in moist soil. Due to the very simple planting, this cultivation is feasible for everyone. Without complicated care, ginger can thrive and fast. Another benefit of growing ginger is its many benefits. Starting from a supplement to cooking spices to treat various diseases.

Some of the health benefits of ginger are as follows:

• Rationalization of blood flow in the body
• May help cure cholesterol diseases
• Can have an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, pain-relieving, anti-carcinogenic, and heart-strengthening effect
• Can prevent obesity

Here are some reasons why it is important to start growing ginger:

  • If you want to grow red ginger, you don’t need a lot of lands. However, if you want more yields, the ginger field can be wider.
  • The media used for ginger cultivation can use polybags. So if you don’t have a large area, you can use plant substrates in the form of bags with polybags. With this planting medium, you can use your garden or your home more productively.
  • There is quite a high demand both in the traditional markets and in the foreign markets. So, this cultivation offers you a great opportunity.
  • The increasing demand means that the needs in the community are also quite large.
  • The selling price of ginger is quite high, although in recent years the selling price has not been as high as it is today.
  • The cost of cultivation you need is not too high. If you diligently watch the ginger’s growth and can take good care of it, ginger will grow well. The benefits can also be huge as long as you are good with finances. Because in this cultivation, all you need to do is prepare planting media, which can be poly bags or sacks, then ginger seeds and fertilizer.

Obstacles to growing ginger for beginners

Besides the ways and steps of cultivation, it is also very important to know the obstacles to growing ginger. Knowing the obstacles that may arise allows you to predict and prepare to anticipate many things. Because if these obstacles are not anticipated, there is a possibility that cultivation may fail. The following obstacles can also be used as teachings to help your cultivation go more smoothly. Because we learn from the mistakes of those who first cultivated. Here are the obstacles you might face in cultivation.

• The sales value of ginger is largely determined by the quality of the ginger. So if the ginger harvest fails or is not good, the price risk is quite low. Consumers are also more interested in good quality ginger.
• Compared to ginger abroad, the quality of ginger in Indonesia is still poor. So the challenge for beginners in ginger cultivation is to take care of ginger properly so that the results will also be better.
• Ginger plant, if it is already affected by the disease, this can result in all plants being affected as well. So that the harvest is not good enough. So, if the pests have attacked, you need to act immediately. Pest prevention is also highly recommended to keep plants healthy and maximize results.

Ginger growing steps

If you want to start growing ginger, first follow these simple steps for growing.

1. Prepare tools, materials, and land

The first step, of course, is to prepare for all the growing needs. Tools for growing ginger depend on the growing medium. If you want to plant ginger outdoors, first loosen the soil with a hoe. But if you want to plant it in a pot, then all you need is a poly bag and a small shovel to get into the soil.

Good and fertile soil for growing ginger is humus soil. Then you can use a straw for the mixture. In addition, you also need to provide a wooden box as a place to sow the seeds. Also, prepare other garden tools like a knife or scissors and scissors. Also, you need to prepare a fungicide because the ginger plant is first dipped in the fungicide.

2. Choose superior ginger seeds

In the second step, the ginger seeds are determined and selected. Seed selection is very important. Ginger grows from these seeds, so the quality of the crop is also affected by the seeds planted. One way to find good ginger seeds is to look for them in ginger fields that are quite old. Ginger seeds are in the form of rhizomes because these plants grow from shoots that have emerged from the rhizomes.

The characteristics of high-quality ginger rhizomes or seeds are smooth, healthy skin and free from pests and diseases. To make seeds, you can cut them into 3 to 5 parts. After that, you can soak it in an antibiotic liquid. If so, it can be drained and then dried in the sun.

3. Prepare the planting area for the ginger

The third step is to prepare the land. There are two types of land that can be used for growing ginger. The first country is to use poly bags or sacks, and the second can use country. Nevertheless, they must use fertile soil. The soil suitable for growing ginger is Andosol or Latosol soil, which is reddish-brown. Then the pH of the soil itself is at an acidity of around pH 6.8 to 7.4. If the soil has a higher or lower pH, ginger growth will also not be optimal.

4. Plant ginger

The fourth step in growing ginger is planting ginger seeds. This ginger plant cannot be planted suddenly, so you need to prepare all the needs in advance. The land to be planted with ginger must be worked on a month before the planting time. Because you also have to clean weeds or plant residues that were in the previous planting area. When it’s clean, the ground can be chopped. For the depth of the hole, try to be in the range of 25-35 cm, so that the soil becomes loose.

When the soil is loose and the land is ready to be planted, ginger seeds can be planted. Before doing this, you must first make holes with a depth of 3-7 cm. Later, ginger seeds will be planted here. Because the distance must also be considered, not too close and not too far.

5. Caring for ginger plants

The next thing that is no less important for you is care. After the planting process is complete, you also need to take good care of it so that the ginger also grows well. This process is very important because, without proper care, ginger plants will not grow and develop.

The ginger treatment process needs to be done about 6-8 weeks after planting. When this time is reached, you need to sprinkle fertilizer around the ginger plant. But in this fertilization, it should not be arbitrary. The seeded fertilizer should not get on the stem or rootstock of the ginger. The fertilization should therefore be done very carefully.

6. Harvest ginger

The final step in growing ginger is harvesting. Ginger plants can be harvested when they are 4 months old. The characteristics of ready-to-harvest plants are yellow leaves and stem that are starting to dry out. Ginger is easier to harvest with a hoe or fork. Using a hoe must be very careful, otherwise, the hoe may hit the ginger.

The fork can be used more flexibly because its small shape can be used more gently. Once the ginger has been harvested, you can then free it from adhering soil and fibers. Then dry for about a week. Then the ginger is ready for sale. Don’t let the ginger hurt during the harvesting and cleaning process.

By mutaqin