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Throughout 2021, what hobbies do our friends often do at home? With the increasing time we spend at home, it’s no wonder that many people are getting bored with their hobbies.


Welcoming 2022, we want to provide inspiration for hobbies that you can try to pursue to welcome the new year more productively, more enthusiastically, and of course happier. Come on, check out the new hobby ideas below to make your new year even more colorful!


Hobbies that make money

When it comes to budgets, there are two types of hobbies—the economical ones and those that are a bit pricey. If you don’t want to be extravagant but actually need money, you can try exploring some hobbies to become a source of money or passive income.


For those of you who have a passion for photography, this hobby can be used to make money, you know. The reason is, there are several websites like Shutterstock that offer a commission of 20-30% for every sale of your photos. Wow, it would be nice if you could get a commission from your own photos, right?



Do any of our friends have skills in the field of design? In the all-visual era, design skills are one of the skills that are needed. You can start creating your design portfolio and open a design service. Don’t forget to actively promote your services on social media!


Game streaming

If you like playing games, you can reap the benefits of this hobby by selling on social media, or by becoming a streamer on special platforms like Nimo TV that pay commissions to their streamers. I didn’t think, it turns out that playing games can also be a hobby that makes money, right!


Toy collection

In addition to streaming games, you can also dig up money from your toy collection. Based on the experience of one of our friends who like to play Tamiya, now he can sell Tamiya which is sent directly from Japan, you know. If you are, what collection of toys do you have?


Hobbies that keep you healthy

During 2021, we often see people starting to look for hobbies that can make them healthier, one of which is cycling. In fact, apart from cycling, there are many hobbies you can do in 2022 to stay healthy.


Here are recommendations for sports hobbies from us!



Zumba is a physical sport that combines salsa dance with aerobic movements. This is one of the popular gymnastics that trains the core muscles of the body. By practicing Zumba every day, you can improve flexibility and muscle strength.


Not only that, Zumba can also help you reduce stress, lose weight, control blood pressure, and maintain a healthy heart. Interested? Try the 7-day Zumba class challenge from the YouTube channel below!



If you need a quieter exercise option, yoga is an alternative that you can try. Yoga is a sport that combines breathing exercises with meditation. As a result, yoga can reduce stress and provide a relaxing effect during exercise.


Scuba diving

For our friends who want to have a more challenging hobby, you can try scuba diving. Scuba diving is a diving activity to see the underwater beauty. Different from the previous two sports recommendations, scuba diving requires a lot of preparation and is suitable for those of you who want to test your adrenaline. Dare to try?


Hobbies that make you more creative

Consciously or not, there are actually many creative activities that you can do at home. Certain places at home can definitely inspire you to do creative hobbies.

Check out our selected creative hobby recommendations that you can do at home!



Who likes to dwell in the kitchen? If you like cooking, it’s time to get creative with new recipes! Choose the one you like the most, whether cooking food, dessert, baking, or maybe all of them. Then try to find recipes that you can learn and start cooking your own version of restaurant food.


If you want, you can also try meal prep for a week. Don’t forget to document your cooking activities, who knows, it could become content on social media like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. ️



In addition to cooking, painting can also help increase your creative spirit. Later, your painting can be displayed in your room, living room, or even as a special gift for your loved ones.


Start by sitting nicely on the terrace or yard and try painting the surrounding scenery to help increase your creative spirit!



With the crochet trend getting more and more excited, knitting is now not only a hobby for seniors, but also young people. Crochet is a technique of knitting dolls or various other types of creative objects such as scarves, bags, or purses.


Did you know that the hobby of crochet can help improve focus and calm yourself because the atmosphere is “quiet”? So, this hobby is suitable for you who want to focus on yourself.


Hobbies that make you more insightful

Want to increase knowledge while doing a hobby? During #stayhome, many people of course still want to do hobbies that can make them smarter and more insightful.


Well, here are some of our selected hobby recommendations that you can try!

Learn foreign language

If you like learning foreign languages or are interested in starting to learn foreign languages, there’s nothing wrong with getting serious about pursuing this hobby in 2022. There are many options that you can choose to start learning this hobby. One of them is by taking courses at trusted educational institutions or as easy as taking online classes on various platforms.


Join the online course

Not only learning foreign languages, you can still deepen whatever knowledge you want to learn through learning programs from online course providers such as Coursera. There are many online course providers that provide various types of learning topics that may suit your major, interest, or passion.

Interested in learning to invest? Coursera also presents materials about financial planning, stocks, and financial markets that you can learn from anytime. Now time at home can actually make you smarter and more productive!


Hobbies that make you happy

Of course, the main purpose of having a hobby is to entertain yourself. You don’t need to be too pressured to look for hobbies that have to make you money, hobbies that have to make you smarter, or hobbies that require you to be more creative.


If you like shopping for self-rewards and hours of movie marathons, enjoy! As long as you have completed your obligations, there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for having fun.


Here are hobbies you can try to keep you happy!


Binge-watching movies and television series

This one hobby seems to be timeless. Watching movies can indeed be entertainment to have fun. Check out interesting films that you already want to watch on your favorite platform. You can try watching some of our selected Chinese serial movie recommendations at the following link or watch Korean dramas on the following platforms!


Hunting for online shopping promos

Checking out groceries on e-commerce, especially when there is a big promo, of course, can also be entertainment for many people. With tempting monthly promos, people are lured into shopping to save even more.

Shopping is certainly a fun hobby that many people like. But, make sure you don’t go too far. Don’t you want online shopping promos to make you lose money?


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