Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge Interior

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Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge Interior. Within the serene realm of its cabin, time and space are yours alone. Black badge ghost lives after dark, igniting the rebel within.

Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge Interior
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The result is unimaginable and made for those who dare. This car holds 45 kg paint and that’s why it’s. Untuk dapur pacu, kini rolls royce ghost black badge menggunakan mesin 6.750cc v12 yang memberikan tenaga lebih besar 29ps dibandingkan versi lain.

Upscale Interior Materials Impart A Completely Unique Experience, No Matter Where Your Los Angeles And Glendale Drives Take You.

Rolls royce is adding the black badge treatment to the new ghost sedan, and it gets an increase in power to 592 horsepower. According to the manufacturer, key to its potent character is. This motor car also started a new design conversation in its relentless pursuit of minimalism and purity.

Untuk Dapur Pacu, Kini Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge Menggunakan Mesin 6.750Cc V12 Yang Memberikan Tenaga Lebih Besar 29Ps Dibandingkan Versi Lain.

Horizon interior environment delete front number plate dark chrome spirit of ecstasy extended leather headliner shooting star headliner Black badge is more than simply dark trim — every black badge variant possesses a special performance profile as well. It's an oversimplification but gets the point across.

When The Purity Of Ghost Combines With The Rebellious Aura Of Black Badge, An Intense Metamorphosis Takes Place.

The result is unimaginable and made for those who dare. For those who don’t know, black badge is rolls royce’s special edition of a darker theme that holds a sportier feel in it. Alhasil, tenaga maksimalnya mencapai 600 ps dengan torsi yang naik 50 nm ke angka 900 nm.

Black Badge Ghost Lives After Dark, Igniting The Rebel Within.

Rolls royce ghost black badge fulfills every side of the supercar and delivers superb performance too. Guna menemani mesin v12 tersebut, rolls royce. It's a darker, more sinister alter ego for the storied brand, swapping shiny chrome for a darker alternative.

With Almost 591Bhp On Tap, The Car Isn’t A.

The engineers managed to get 600 hp and a peak torque of 900 nm (664 ft lb) out of their mighty 6.75 l v12 engine. A drive defined by unrelenting force and finesse. It includes a deep black exterior and a detailed interior.

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