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A nation’s progress, now and in the future, is largely determined by the younger generation that will succeed the nation itself. The quality of the young generation is the result of a high-quality education system. It is impossible to accelerate the nation’s progress in the future without the support of educational progress. In this case, education is a very valuable and worthwhile long-term investment, especially for the younger generation, which will determine the progress of a nation.


As we know, education is a process of learning knowledge and skills that can be done anywhere and anytime. Education can be achieved for everyone from young to old. Education is very important for everyone who has the goal of furthering their education and developing their potential in themselves. The more it grows and develops, the more creativity, broader knowledge, and good personality each individual can have and become a responsible person.


Ki Hajar Dewantara, the father of Indonesian education, said about the importance of education. According to him, education is a guide to the growth and development of a child’s character. Therefore, education is also an effort to direct the natural power of each child to grow and develop as a person or as a member of society capable of attaining security and happiness in life.


Many people think that education is important, but many also think that education is not important. They consider education to be unimportant, especially for people who live in rural and remote areas. For them, work is better than school. Of course, the main reason is predictable, because if they work, they can make money, while schools are just a waste of money. Coupled with the current conditions, it is very difficult to find a job.


Of course, when we talk about the importance of education, it has become an important need that cannot be abandoned at this time, considering the importance of education. Through education, a person will gauge their potential for a career that needs to be prepared for the future, like the world of work and so on. Many other things in our lives are strongly influenced by education. The better the education we do and receive, the better our current lifestyle and future potential will be.


According to Amarta sen, the benefits of education have intrinsic and instrumental value. A simple example is a basic literacy and arithmetic skills, which bring many benefits to the community. Many social benefits can be achieved through the presence of community literacy and numeracy skills. These two basic skills can be achieved thanks to the provision of educational unit services at the primary and secondary levels.

Here are the reasons why we need to understand how important education is for the younger generation:

  1. Character building for the younger generation

The importance of education for the younger generation is not just about imparting information and deepening knowledge. However, education can also shape the character of the younger generation. Character education itself is important because it teaches religious, social, and other norms. Once built, this character can build and advance the nation.


  1. As a place to deepen a science

Education can be a place where anyone can deepen an area of ​​knowledge. If not made possible by proper education, a person’s knowledge can be limited to just that, without being able to be applied in everyday life. It is different when someone has the opportunity to deepen the knowledge that interests them.


  1. Can live a much better life

A good level of education gives us a much more established position in life. Education has opened our horizons so that we can judge and put ourselves in a position that we have not felt before. With this training, we can become a much better version of ourselves than before. With this training, we can also do things that we could not do before to make us more focused.


  1. Has broad employment potential

Currently and in the future, the employment potential that a person is likely to attain is measured by their education. Equipped with qualified training, a person already has the creativity and self-competence that is ready to work on their basis.


  1. Improve your personality pattern

Education has made a person’s personality so open. Educated people are also becoming more independent financially and in many other areas of life. Education helps a person put himself in the right place.


  1. Change your attitude towards life

Since education has helped a person broaden their horizons, education will certainly change a person’s mindset as well. A good education changes a person’s thinking skills to be more mature and better at judging things.


  1. Can distinguish between right and wrong

Education can improve a person’s character and attitude. The maturity embedded through education has a great influence on the changes in a person, allowing them to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad.


In addition, education is also useful to prevent the generation of people who are not knowledgeable, and to create a young generation who is intelligent, and has high moral values ​​and integrity, so education for the younger generation is very important and good it has to be organized because a country will be very dependent on the younger generation for how things will go in the future.


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