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The internship is a program to learn and practice working directly in a company for a period specified by the company. And the company has the right to give orders and is obliged to provide guidance even during the internship. At the end of the internship, the students receive an assessment of the company.


The internship itself is a program that is carried out within a rather short period, usually only a few months. There is no syllabus for the internship, so students who complete it can be given any assignment. The internship company also has the right to determine the type of assignment. The purpose of the internship is training, so its implementation focuses on providing work experience.


Then Apprenticeship is an internship program whose implementation is more technical. And carried out like an education that has a curriculum and implements it. Each task and exercise given is structured according to the syllabus. In addition, it is also common to have practical theory classes. The goal is professional training in a specific skill for a specific position or field. After completing the training, you will usually receive a certificate of competency that corresponds to your qualifications.


Internships, which are usually attended by recent graduates or students, have the advantage that they can gain work experience and continue their professional development in this area. It is therefore hoped that this experience will play an important role in work and in building a career.


Below are several misconceptions students often ponder in the world of internships:

  1. Not helpful

Internship activities will surely bring you many valuable things. Internships are a way to find opportunities to share your help and ideas.


  1. Get paid

Perhaps some of the existing internship opportunities also offer a fee. However, pay isn’t everything, as it is an appreciation that you should seek when you have completed your work.


  1. Job offers

The existing internship opportunities may be a way for you to get a job offer in this location. But what you need to understand is that this internship is your chance to find out what you like and don’t like.


  1. No attention

Even if you’re an intern, that doesn’t mean your boss doesn’t notice what you’re doing. If you actively exchange ideas and ask what is needed, your experience will increase.


  1. Internships

If you want a full-time internship, tell your boss. You can ask what tasks you will take on and how long your internship will last.


  1. Internship at a leading company

To gain experience, let alone complete an internship, you do not have to force yourself to accept an internship at a well-known company. You can do an internship anywhere because the most important thing is that this opportunity can improve your skills.


The following is a description of the objectives of the internship:


  1. Adding insights

Learning activities in space will certainly not be optimal if students do not develop them with practice. If you have a lot of theory in college, you need to try new things, like extra activities to gain insight.


  1. Promoting good relations between campus and companies

Internships not only have a positive effect on students. Students can receive experience as well as certificates as proof that they have followed the internship process and met the stated qualifications. On the other hand, internship providers can also benefit, because the innovations of the interns can also solve difficult tasks.


  1. Improving the quality of students

Having real problems encountered by students at the internship site is one way to improve student quality. In this way, the students are trained to work on problems in a context-related manner. In this way, the solution to the problem can be obtained immediately through the application of theory and science.


  1. Maximize potential

The student activities are not limited to the classroom. Theories that are not supported by adequate practice will certainly not prepare students when they have to enter the world of work. Student potential can be maximized through an internship program since students have been indirectly trained for the job. If students have studied different theories during their studies, this knowledge can be directly applied in practice.


  1. Establishing good relationships with the organizing agencies

The existence of an internship program does not only have advantages for the development of student’s skills. The agency that offers internships also benefits from this. In addition to the placement of competent students, the provider of internship opportunities can of course also be helped. The benefit of internships for faculties in the form of cooperation with related parties can also be achieved.


  1. Can get a job immediately

Internships can be a stepping stone for those of you interested in pursuing a job but still confused about the mechanics and specifics. Internships can train you to work at your best, especially if your job location is already linear to your field of study.


There is nothing wrong with carrying out activities at the internship site as a whole. Generally, agencies that offer internship opportunities consider interns as permanent employees. You should not miss the opportunity to recruit through internships. Therefore, as much as possible, you need to find out the details of the job, the problems you often face, and how to overcome them. The sooner you know the details of the problem, the sooner you can learn to solve the problem.


  1. Students can earn additional income

The students’ interest in internships is aroused, among other things, by the additional pocket money that you can get. While not all internship opportunity providers offer salaries or wages, the income you will receive from internships can certainly be a consideration before deciding on a location.


Don’t think that the income you get from the internship is the same as the income of the permanent employees there. You may be able to earn a quarter or even half of what permanent employees earn.


But don’t be discouraged, because the knowledge you acquire during the internship will contribute a lot to your future. You will also receive a certificate as proof of direct professional experience in an institution or agency.



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