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Hobby is an activity that is done on the basis of liking and not out of necessity. Everyone certainly has a favorite activity to fill spare time to be more useful. Besides being fun, there are also many hobbies that can actually make money.


Gradually, the hobby later became a person’s livelihood. However, basically a hobby is doing something you like with or without a specific goal. Doing a hobby also has benefits, you know! One of them is to raise the mood.


This time we will discuss what a hobby is, its benefits, and the types of hobbies that you can do. Check out the article for a more complete explanation!


What is a hobby?

“Hobby” is an absorption word from English “hobby”. According to the KBBI, the word “hobby” has the meaning of a special hobby or pleasure that is carried out in spare time, not as a main job. Hobbies are recreational activities that are done in free time to calm the mind and improve one’s mood.


Everyone will have different hobbies according to their personal interest in a thing and personality. Although hobbies are not literally their main job, not a few people make their hobbies their main source of income. For example, people who have a hobby of music and pursue it seriously, until the music is accepted by the wider community. Over time his hobby became a profession that could make money. Therefore, there is a claim that the best work is a paid hobby.


The development of technology in the form of social media has become one of the bridges for people who pursue hobbies as well as make money, especially at this time. Hobbies are no longer merely an activity to spend free time, but can also bring various other benefits besides material.

What are the benefits?

In addition to providing refreshment of the mind and unwinding, hobbies also have various other benefits. Doing an occasional hobby on the sidelines of a busy life will have a good impact on your health. Some of the benefits that you can get from a hobby include the following.


  1. Give time to take a break from the routine

Doing activities that are popular on the sidelines of busyness is a form of self-love. By doing a hobby, you will have time to take a break from the hectic work and boring routine. In addition, with a hobby you can recharge your energy and motivation so you can avoid stress.

  1. Increase enthusiasm and positive energy


Hobbies can trigger enthusiasm to live life more pleasantly. In addition, hobbies also provide challenges that can stimulate hormones and positive energy within. By doing a hobby, you will have the spirit to grow and be better prepared to face the problems in life.


  1. Improve social skills


The next benefit of hobbies that you can get is that you will be easier to get along with and connect, especially with people who also have the same hobbies. Chat about hobbies is always a fun topic to discuss. In addition, socializing with people through hobbies can also relieve stress and find meaning in life in a fun way. You can start by following a particular hobby community so that you can share and have fun together by doing hobbies.


  1. Prevent fatigue or burn out


Tired of daily work and routines along with problems will make a person experience burn out or fatigue. By doing hobbies, you can minimize the risk of stress and acute depression due to being overwhelmed with work and life problems. Hobbies can also be a healthy release from the fatigue of the mind because doing a hobby is a freedom that is done without pressure.


  1. Refresh the mind and add inspiration


If you feel overwhelmed and run out of ideas, then one solution is to take a break by doing something you enjoy. Hobbies can refresh your mind and make you calmer. That way, you can think more flexibly and trigger unexpected inspiration.


Types of hobbies you can do

If you still don’t have a hobby or don’t know what you are passionate about, you can start looking and thinking about it from now on. There are many hobbies that you can do to fill your spare time or just to have fun. Here are some types of hobbies that you can do.


  1. Hobby of collecting things

This hobby is related to the activity of collecting goods or something that is liked. This hobby gives satisfaction to someone. However, to do this hobby you must be prepared to spend money to add to the collection you have.


The items collected also vary depending on what each person likes. For example, collecting shoes, bags, toys, accessories, music CDs, make-up tools, clothes, and even collecting vehicles. In collecting something, of course, must be adjusted to the ability, yes. Do not let the hobby of collecting that is done for the sake of pleasure even become things that make you stressed.


  1. Hobby of making things

The hobby of making things is usually related to making ornaments and food. Many people have a hobby of making something as well as making it a livelihood to make money. For example someone who has a hobby of cooking or making crafts and painting. The results of cooking, handicrafts, and works of art can be sold and make money if they are accepted and liked by the community.


Then, people who have a hobby of making handicrafts and works of art usually hold exhibitions to show the results they make. This can provide satisfaction when the hobby he does can be enjoyed by many people. Nowadays, many people have a hobby of cooking, apart from selling their dishes, making recipes or cooking tutorial videos on social media.


  1. Hobbies to play something

This hobby is related to playing musical instruments and games both traditional and modern. In doing this hobby, you will also learn a lot of new things and various fun challenges. For example playing guitar or playing game consoles. Besides being fun, this hobby can also stimulate creativity in thinking and train motor skills as well as healthy competition. Plus, currently playing online games is one of the sports, namely e-sports and official competitions are made and can make money.


In addition, having a hobby of playing musical instruments can make someone famous and make money if the hobby is occupied well.


  1. Other forms of hobbies

Other forms of hobbies are hobbies that have nothing to do with collecting, making, or playing with something. This hobby is usually done more to enjoy. For example, hobbies are listening to music, playing social media, taking pictures, watching movies, exercising, shopping, and so on. However, these hobbies can also make money. For example, the hobby of taking pictures. Currently photographing is not uncommon to be used as a person’s livelihood. A person with unique and good photographing skills can sell his services or his camera catch at a fairly high price.


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