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What is a writer? These are the tasks and types
What is a writer? These are the tasks and types

There must be many people who want to be writers because they can work from anywhere and also express their ideas easily. Well, but do you know what a writer means? And what are the duties of an author?

Lest this understanding is misconstrued, we will discuss it here in simple, concise language that can surely make you (the reader) want to be a professional writer in the future.


Definition of the author

When taken from the KBBI site, the author is also credited as the person who wrote. This includes screenwriters, clerks; secretaries; loyal committed, painters; Writers, and editors who create scripts of news material for publication in press publications.

In general, the author can be interpreted as a person who does the work of writing a script or writing in some other form.


duties and responsibilities

The main task of a writer is just to write his writings. But as an author, you don’t just think about writing, do you? Must think about how an article can be useful, make money and even be published and benefit others.

  • Writing, editing, and proofreading the text of a manuscript
  • Marketing needs (advertising or copywriting)
  • Research and develop an article
  • Looking for publishing contracts
  • Negotiation of contract terms
  • General administration for publishing
  • Skills needed


As for the special skills that a writer needs, it’s not much. However, as a writer yourself, it is very important to be careful and sensitive. The following are the skills and expertise that should be fulfilled and possessed.

  • Language skills (understanding PUEBI, vocabulary, punctuation, and spelling).
  • Presentation skills (can arrange a paragraph well for development).
  • Persistence
  • Communication
  • Deeper understanding of using new technologies for writing


Types of writing jobs

  1. Book


Authors of books are usually divided into two categories, namely authors of fiction and non-fiction. The author of the book himself is the type of writing that has endured the longest in the world. According to KBBI, a book is a bound, written, or a blank sheet of paper; Book. To learn more about fiction and nonfiction, please read the following articles:


  1. Content Author

Article writers usually write a short article and contain an answer, problem, ideas, and analysis in one short article. This article may be published in print media such as newspapers and magazines or online media on news portals, social media, and personal blogs.


  1. Column Writer

The articles in this special column are written by someone who is an expert in their field and has a distinctive channel in the national media. Normally, the length of the column typeface is shorter than the article typeface.


  1. Ghost Writers

Generally, it is interpreted as an invisible writer (shadow). They wrote under the contract and did not appear as his name in the book he wrote and gave his rights to others who asked for the services.


  1. Novelist

Yes, everyone knows that. A novelist is someone who writes non-fiction books called novels. To learn more about the novel, please read on:


  1. Short story

Likewise, with short stories, he produces writings in the form of short stories and publishes them in the media. The difference is that a short story writer doesn’t write as long as a novel.


  1. Freelance Writer

This freelance writer is almost the same as a content writer who writes articles. The difference is whether this freelance writer doesn’t rely on the company’s name.


  1. Copier

Especially for this copywriter, the focus is on writing an ad that is commonly used by businesses to offer products, services, or goods. The application can be done on social media or the website landing page. Copy Writer is a job that is very popular and sought after because of the high salary.


  1. UX Author

The new writing type is the UX writer. His job is to create texts that will be used for the website or application. The biggest challenge is to cleverly formulate short and understandable words. For example product title, product description, CTA, notification, and so on. Well, that’s all I can explain about the job description writer.


A set of skills and abilities that a content writer must have


Content authors need to know what is meant by SEO-friendly content criteria. Content writers need to be vigilant and always up to date with this SEO development.


Have good writing skills

It is undeniable that not everyone can be a good and true writer. Writing skills must be learned, including understanding the format of writing that conforms to the rules in force. Writing looks very easy, but professional writing needs to be learned.


Great curiosity

Before writing an article, the author must have the will to dig up information from various places to get reliable data and information. A moral burden on the author of the information he presents turns out to be untrue, especially if it contains hoaxes. This research is a skill that is a must for content writers.


reading target reader

Content writers must also have the ability to read the target reader, this ability is very important when writing. The way we write must be adapted to the target reader. For example, writing for young readers will be different for adult audiences.


Understand what readers want.

Well, for one thing, content writers need to be kept up to date on information that’s currently on the public’s mind both domestically and internationally. The ability to find topics, titles, and keywords for texts that readers will enjoy requires learning and sensitivity.


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