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Many people say how important traveling is. What are the advantages and benefits of traveling? Why is traveling important?


Traveling actually combines traveling and a healthy lifestyle at the same time, because a healthy lifestyle is closely related to traveling and is considered an important element for developing personality.


Scientists have proven that traveling is good for body and mind. Maybe this is the reason why many people like to travel.


For example, a few minutes in the sun can increase our vitamin D levels and improve our mood. Vitamin D is also very good for our heart health.


Then, why do we need to take a vacation or take a moment to travel?


The importance of traveling is based on a lower chance of heart disease to relieve stress and anxiety. Traveling can also increase our creativity, happiness, and satisfaction. Yups, almost everyone must be happy when traveling.


When you plan a vacation, your mind automatically gets distracted from things that can stress you out. This is because during travel planning, you start to fantasize about where you are going and what you will do once you get there.


There are many other benefits of traveling, let’s find out together!


  1. Helps Relieve Stress

From reducing stress to lowering your chances of developing heart disease, the health benefits of traveling are enormous.


Traveling a lot tends to have a big impact on your mental health, especially if you’re not used to stepping out of your comfort zone. But the good side of visiting tourist attractions is that it can reduce a person’s stress level.


A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health concluded that participants who had just returned from vacation felt less anxious, had more rest and were in a better mood.


Interestingly, these benefits tend to last for weeks after the trip ends.


  1. Increase Creativity

One of the greatest benefits of traveling is that it takes you out of your comfort zone. Especially if you travel to a place you’ve never been before, everything feels fresh and new.


Something new will strike all senses. You see new landscapes and enjoy bright colors. Traveling introduces new things to the brain and improves cognition.


When you return home, you can use all these new stimuli and creativity to come up with new ideas.


“Foreign experiences increase flexibility and cognitive depth and coherence of thought, the ability to make deep connections between disparate forms,” explains Adam Galinsky, a professor at Columbia Business School.


  1. Lowers Heart Risk

As explained at the opening of this article, traveling is believed to help reduce the risk of heart disease.


A joint study from the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies and the US Travel Association concluded that women who vacation at least twice a year significantly lower their risk of heart attack when compared to those who only travel once every six years.


The same study also concluded that men who did not take a vacation at least once a year increased their risk of heart disease by 30% and their risk of death by 20%.


  1. Adding New Knowledge

Traveling gives you the opportunity to meet new people, listen to music, taste food and visit various interesting places. Various activities on the way can enrich your knowledge more broadly and increase life satisfaction.


Usually people who travel always develop empathy and a deeper understanding of other cultures. This is very good for adding new knowledge for you about other things that you never knew before.


There is a quote from Saint Augustine, which reads “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”

  1. More Physically Active

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine if you follow the same routine regularly. Even if you’ve incorporated an exercise routine into your daily schedule, you may only stay physically active for an hour or less each day.


Travel gives you the opportunity to be active throughout the day, visit local attractions, participate in fun activities, or simply explore new places.


You may not realize that you are more physically active because you are so excited to learn about a new destination.


When you travel to a new place, you will be doing more steps and movement than you would normally do at home.


Strolling on the beach at sunset or strolling through the bustling city at night are exhilarating ways to immerse yourself in a new destination and seek out more experiences while getting some extra exercise.


  1. Make Beautiful Memories

Real life education is more memorable because it is personal. This includes who we are, our identity to our memories of many things. When traveling, you can add to your experience and make many wonderful memories while in amazing places.


One of the things that must be done while on vacation is taking photos. Yes, everyone certainly doesn’t want to miss taking pictures when visiting new tourist attractions that have never been visited before.


  1. Improve Sleep Quality

There are several reasons why traveling can help you sleep better.


First, when traveling you are less likely to spend time with electronics such as smartphones or laptops. When used at bedtime, the light from these devices can cause suppression of melatonin, which reassures the brain that it is dark and time to sleep.


Spending time on other activities and spending time outdoors in the sun can actually help your circadian rhythm regulate itself. That way, you will have no trouble sleeping and wake up excited the next day.


It is generally easier to sleep when stress is reduced, which is one of the benefits of traveling. In addition, exercising by walking and doing other activities while traveling can also improve sleep quality.


  1. Traveling Makes Happy

The excitement of traveling can indeed make you happy, as can just talking about and planning your next trip.


A study conducted by Cornell University found that discussing tourist attractions you might find once you get there can take your mind off the daily stresses at work or at home, and help increase your happiness.


Plus, planning a fun trip gives you a unique experience, improves your mood and increases your sense of responsibility for your future work activities.


Want a vacation but feel like you don’t have time? Don’t worry, if you are a busy person, you can still travel on weekends or on holidays.


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